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An efficient one-stop shop for utility products, the Blue Team’s waterworks department is the leading industry supplier on a vast scope of projects. Complete with a wide variety at the lowest prices, the Blue Team is committed to providing the best possible service while building lasting relationships with you – utility contractors, land developers and municipalities, as well as water and sewer treatment plants. Our department prides itself on being a supplier for the finest materials while providing additional education and hands-on training, making us the go-to team for the highly specialized utility industry.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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Waterworks department (775)359.5800
john aramini (775)353.0226 jaramini@goblueteam.com
barney arneson (775)741.9913 barneson@goblueteam.com
greg higgins (775)353.0224 ghiggins@goblueteam.com
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dj lynn (775)353.0501 dlynn@goblueteam.com
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pak hughes (775)232-5800 phughes@goblueteam.com
anthony olivero (775)353.0298 aolivero@goblueteam.com
carrie ritter (775)353.0297 critter@goblueteam.com
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stan terry (775)353.0219 sterry@goblueteam.com
rick tucker (775)353.0296 rtucker@goblueteam.com
matt chicvara (775)353.0266 mchicvara@goblueteam.com

BILL CASSINELLI (775)738.9811 bcassinelli@goblueteam.com
GIOVANNI PUCCINELLI (775)738.9811 gpuccinelli@goblueteam.com
ED PERREIRA (775)738.9811 eperreira@goblueteam.com
MIKE TOPETE (775)738.9811 mtopete@goblueteam.com