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Our shipping department is equipped with a combination of vehicles ranging from semi-tractors to ¾ ton pick ups. We are versatile in the servicing of our customers. Our fleet maintains constant communications with a GPS system, radios and cell phones, giving us the ability to track deliveries safely and efficiently. Providing services that include a wide range of product deliveries from HVAC, small irrigation fittings and up to 60” diameter water works pipe, we make a difference in people’s lives. We successfully maintain more than 400 pieces of equipment, with the crown jewel of the fleet being our job vans! On-site deliveries also are scheduled and serviced with the most modern portable and road-able fork lifts. The department also services each branch daily. With more than one-million square miles of delivery area, our department and its 60 plus employees focus and take constant aim on the goal of customer service. Timely, organized, accurate and efficient deliveries are the pulse of our company and its operations.

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FRANK CHAVES (775)738.9811
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